Thursday, April 23, 2009

Join our journey through the past, meet your ancestors

Cristobol Colon I was among the first settlers to take the Onate wagon train from Mexico City to Santa Fe, settle, be burned out by Indian massecers and return to resettle Santa Fe and his descendants settled the surrounding areas which are now Albuquerque, Belen, Socorro and Catron County. His descendants are interwoven with the pedigree charts going in all directions of descendants.

If you want to read Turn the Hearts of the Children I and II these people come alive in the antics of Brent and Lynae as they travel through time and space getting to know their ancestors, making them come alive. using their universal translaters the two pre teens converse with the anscestors, making social phopas and fortelling the future out of compassion and love, to comfort and sustain those people they came to love.

Join them, won't you, on an adventure of a life time, in which you can travel among your ancestors with them and as they have, come to appreciate the hardships, enjoy the companionship, and engender the love of this mighty race of people from whom we are decended.

See you along the way,

Torbido Garcia 1768 md Brigida Trujidos

Martin Y Catrina Hurtado

Antonia Sanches 1768

Francisco Trujillo back to Geronimo

Brijida Vallejos

Rafael de la Lluz aca md 1851 Rafael Torrez

Rafael Augustine Chavez 1686

Rafael Torres 1851

Rafael Torres Rafella Luz Baca

Pablo Garcia through Cristobol Colon first setteler of Santa Fe NM

Pablo Garcia 1755 back to Andres Hurtado

Diego Montoya

Manuela Antonia Sanches Md. 1838 to Mariano Sanchez Manuel Aragon

Maria Inez Garcia 1823

Maria Clara BUstamante, Maria de Los Reyes, Maria de los Angeles Our Triplet Grand mother/ Aunts

Manuel Antonio Chavez 1789

1789 Manuel Antonio Sanchez

Lucia Hurtado Salas

Jose Maria Baca name of son and father of Nazario Bacfda+1

JOSE Aragon died 1871


Isabel Chavez

Fernando Duran Chavez 1617

Fernando Chavez 1617

End Sanchez 1769

Dolores Aragon 1700

Cristobol Colon I 1580

Cristobol Colon II

Bernadina SAlas Y Trujillo 1600

Aragon 1789

1600-Antonio Maria Garcia

Antonio Espinoso 1700



Brent And Lynae meet these people making them come to life in the Historical Novel Turn the HEarts of the Children Volume I in the blog by that name at this same website.

Alonzo Baca son of Cristobal Baca I

1871 Jose Aragon

1838 Mariano Arigon